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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Teaser

Yeah, alright...so the whole "post at least every other week" thing didn't pan out as well as I'd hoped. I have been trying to find time during my regular work schedule and writing work schedule, and surprisingly enough didn't find much. LOL I WILL try to do better from here out, though.

Since we did an excerpt from "The Dragon's Portal" last time, I think this time we will do a quick "Deviate" excerpt. I will apologize in advance, since the main character in this one, Cleo, has a bit of a potty mouth.

*WARNING* This book may contain language or situations not suitable for younger readers.

    I stared in desolation out the window as random fields sped by. Adam had mentioned that we were going to have to take "the long way" now, but I didn't grasp that we were going to be traveling by such backwater, out of the way means. I hadn't even come across a single sign of civilization other than the random farmhouse in over an hour. My bladder was not a happy camper right now, and I needed either a nap or a mega dose of caffeine. "We gotta find a place to stop. I'm dying over here!" I wasn't really trying to be cranky, but I wasn't trying not to be either. At first there was no response from the driver's seat, and that worried me -- what if he was asleep at the wheel! After a few seconds wait -- OK, one second -- I reached over and smacked him right in the bicep. "Hey wake up over there!"
    He turned to face me, seemingly in shock from the mere fact I had the audacity to touch him. "What do you want from me, Princess?" The last word came out mocking. "There's nowhere to stop! Even if there was, we are so far behind schedule it's not remotely funny. We should have gone twice this distance by now, but NO, someone had to be an idiot and bring her phone!" He shot a cutting glare in my direction. Wow, someone's Mr. Grumpy Pants today... I could hear him continuing to grumble under his breath, and today the hostility was a little more than I could bear without enormous amounts of caffeine.
    "Dammit! OK, here's the deal. Either you pull over right now or there's going to be a huge puddle to clean up! And just what the hell's wrong with finding somewhere to stop for caffeine and possibly food? I'm starving, exhausted, and my bladder's about to explode! I don't know what your problem is." I didn't bother trying to hold back the explosion of words that came out. I was angry, pure and simple. The way he had a stupid smirk on his face pissed me off even more. Wait, mustn't think of piss...aw man it was getting to the point it was painful. "C'mon, please stop." I wheedled like a child.
    Adam checked the rear-view and both side mirrors, exhaling a deep sigh. "Fine, but you'd better learn to control your bodily functions from now on." He pulled off the road onto the meager shoulder, if you could even call it that. It was a tiny two- lane stretch of highway with hardly enough room for two trucks to pass side-by-side. However, I didn't care at this point as I leapt from the car as soon as it stopped. It shouldn't feel this good to relieve one's bladder, but it certainly did. I took an extra moment to stretch my legs; while I loved my car, it was a bit cramped after hours of nothing but sitting. As I bent down to stuff myself back into the seat, I noticed a lecherous grin on Adam's face as he turned away. What was that look; was he checking me out? This would bear further investigation. I leaned toward him, pretending it took all that movement to buckle the seatbelt. My hair slid off my shoulder, brushing his hand -- stupid hair, next time stay where you're supposed to be -- causing him to jerk it away from the armrest. "Sorry." I mumbled, cursing myself for missing an opportunity to annoy him. At that moment the radio, which had only been working on and off, crackled as it began to play "Bad Rain" by Slash. I cranked the volume up, which earned an exasperated huff and pointed stare, and leaned my head back with an elated sigh. This was such an awesome song, and I let myself finally drift back off into true sleep with the sounds of the most awesome guitar-playing lulling me quickly to dreamland. 

Well that's it for this week's teaser. Hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to hear more of Cleo's story, you can find it on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Deviate-Cleo-Perry-Novel-ebook/dp/B00EDNT1DW
Happy Reading!


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