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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, Cleo has decided to take over today. (Don't get all excited just yet.) ~SS

Happy ANTI-Valentine's Day!

I'm going to post a very very short snippet of Sally's recent work on Deviate book 2. (That's just a working title, don't worry.) She will likely be pissed at me because I'm going out of order from her prearranged plan, and it's not even Thursday, but here it is.

*unedited snippet, be gentle*

Well that would explain all the hearts and tiny cupids that were everywhere! I always hated that holiday. Even though I knew it made me sound like my paranoid crazy mother, it just felt like a sucky holiday. I mean who does that kind of crap? “Here, let me give you a giant box of chocolate (to make you fat), take you out to a heavy meal (to make you fatter), watch some corny movie (two inactive hours of popcorn and candy to make you...FAT), and then take you home to allow all the fat to congeal.” Yep just call me the anti-cupid.

Hope everyone has a freaking awesome day, and don't eat too much chocolate! ~Cleo (Deviate)

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