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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Misbehaving Machines

I think I've already said how I was doing Camp Nanowrimo. Reworking a previous WIP that needed some help. I was writing along, updating my word count like a good girl, when I decided I needed to get off the laptop and switch to my desktop... Things were going great until I took a short break to update my word count again. I was short like 1,000 words! Apparently different word processor programs have different methods of calculating things like word counts, and it pretty much screwed my stuff up. :( So anyhow, I diligently began writing again, because let's face it that's what I do lol, and tada! Today I have made up the difference in word counts and come up ahead. (That's right...Go Sally...) I decided maybe it would be better to stick to just one or the other, and since I have Word (to go) on a flash drive I guess I'll be using that if I decide to switch back to my laptop. The first thing I need to do payday is buy Office...

Thought for the day: When making the decision to purchase a new computer, don't just assume it comes with Microsoft Office. Learned that one the hard way.

Hope everyone has a great day and Happy Reading Folks!

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