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Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm not a slacker!! Well, maybe a little lol...

All right, I'll admit. I haven't worked on writing anything today. I was watching Duchess play with the puppies we got Thanksgiving weekend. Hilarious and cute! I was going to attempt to get pics or a video because it was so adorable, but every time I looked outside they stopped. lol :D 
I do plan on working a little this afternoon (I was sick this weekend, and am still recooping). Other than whatever virus invaded my system this weekend, things are relatively normal (if such a thing exists lol). Have a great day, and happy reading!
 This one is Cherokee, she likes the ball.
 Loki is sleeeeepy. :)
 Here they both are with my oldest kiddo.
 Duchess wanted to play fetch, that's her specialty.
 Loki actually posed this time.

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