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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cover reveal for my new book: Deviate




Everyday life for Cleo has always been hectic, but her parents' death opens
the proverbial can of worms that is her past. She finds out they have been on the
run her whole life from a corrupt government entity that has done something
strange to her DNA. Now it's all up to Cleo, with some help from her friends, to find
out what happened and take them down.


"I asked if you were alright, Cleo.” He said gently, brushing a stray hair from my face.
Cleo. Was he speaking to me? My brows knit together in confusion, trying to decipher why he
was suddenly treating me so kindly. “I...don't really know. Is my name Cleo?” I felt a bit silly having
to ask such a ridiculous question, but it was necessary.
“Ok, obviously we have some issues here." He paused thoughtfully. "You don't remember
anything?” He seemed agitated, running his hand roughly through his dark hair. “Well this changes
“Are you purposefully speaking in riddles to confuse me or what? I tried to tell you earlier. I have
no memories from before I woke up today.” I was beginning to get angry, and my tone showed it.
He smiled fleetingly, apparently liking my spunk, but his mood sobered too soon. “I hoped they
wouldn't do this. I tried to get them to change their minds, but it did no good. As a matter of fact, it
took quite a bit of bargaining to convince them to allow me to see you at all.” He seemed to be
speaking mostly to himself as though he forgot I was even in the room. As though noticing he was not
alone, he addressed me again. “Cleo, you are in more trouble than even I thought you capable of. And
that's saying a lot!”
When I didn't immediately respond, he went on. “I guess you really don't remember. We were
friends, partners. My name is Gabriel. Gabe as you called me.”
He stared expectantly at me, looking for some spark of recognition. When he got none, he spun
on his heel heading toward the door. He muttered something about taking care and trying to come
back soon before glancing at the ceiling. The door slid open as though he had commanded it to do so.
Two more steps, and I was alone again with nothing to keep me company except the insane thoughts
swirling through my mind. It was like my life was some inside joke and I was the outsider that had no
idea what was so funny. I wondered how things could possibly have gotten to this point.

About the Author

I have always had an overactive imagination, as many can attest. Powered by Blu cigs, Dr Pepper, Vanilla Coke, and coffee. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have. When I am in a procrastinating mood, I can usually be found lurking about Twitter @sallyslayer or on Facebook www.facebook.com/sallyslayerwrites Also known to haunt Pinterest.com/sallyslayer

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