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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WIP is at the editor and DP2 is in the works!

So...yeah I haven't updated my blog lately. Sorry! I finished my camp nanowrimo WIP and sent it to the editor last week. I'm hoping there are not too many things to fix, but wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot. After all, nanowrimo is the month of sleepless nights (since I have kids and a job when else will I write lol) and I tend not to make much sense when I am too tired. She says so far it is OK, though. *YAY*

On my FB page, I had recently posted about regretting writing that one of my characters shares a common fear with me (no I will not tell you, have to read and find out lol). I was chatting with one of my friends/fellow nanowrimo competitors and was telling her how the scene played out. I guess it was pretty vivid, because we were both afraid we would be unable to sleep that night. LOL What sort of critter frightens you?

Well must get back to the batcave and get to work! Happy Reading Folks!

<3 ~SS~

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